Prodigy Winter Training Programs

Winter training programs take place November-March

PREP Beginner Training

Prodigy ELITE!

Prodigy Training 

Prodigy Winter LIVE!

4 years old and up

8th Grade and Under

8th Grade and Under

All Ages and Grades

PREP training focuses on 8 core techniques in wrestling needed to be a successful beginner wrestler.  PREP is also designed to introduce and practice body awareness through agility and technique drills.  Sessions are developed with introducing solid wrestling technique through fun drills, skills, and games!

8 Core Techniques:  (1) Stance/Motion/Set-ups (2) Double/High Crotch Shot (3) Sprawl (4) Single shot (5)Stand-up (6) Breakdowns, (7) half (8) Athleticism  

*Limited amount of wrestlers accepted into the Team Prodigy Elite Program

*Wrestlers accepted based on experience, accomplishments, maturity, and work ethic! (Applications available in August!)

*Mandatory 3 nights a week commitment w/ 2 optional training/Live Wrestling Nights

*Warm-up and Live wrestling with Prodigy Training group every night!

*NEW* Tuesday Night is Advanced Technique night for Prodigy Elite ONLY

*Affordable prices to train at Prodigy from 1 day a week through 5 days a week around your regular school or club workouts throughout the season!

*Supplement your home school/club workouts

*Use as a resource to Train for the OAC State Tournament!  Post season Pricing Available!

*Develop the skills needed to get to the next level!

*Up to 5 nights a week of training and wrestling!

*For wrestlers of all ages looking to supplement their workouts at their school or club

*Find new partners and competition outside of your school

* Prodigy Follows all OHSAA scrimmage regulations

*Neutral site with neutral coaches to help every area wrestler and school!