What Prodigy Winter Training Program should my wrestler take part in?

This is a question that we get all of the time.  I am glad we get it because we understand that all wrestlers are in different places in their journey.  Prodigy Wrestling is an ACADEMY because we want to TEACH the sport of wrestling through differentiated instruction.  We want to meet your wrestler at their level so we can get them to the next level.  Below is what we envision for what programs wrestlers should take part in or drop in during the season.  These are GUIDELINES but every wrestler is an individual placement.

ELITE TRAINING – Most of these top level wrestlers have seen success at the state level.  Many have been OAC State Qualifiers and OHWay state Placers.  Usually they have 2-3 years of wrestling experience under their belts.  WHAT WE LOOK FOR IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT!  We see our Elite as having an understanding of practice protocol, working hard, and a solid core of wrestling technique and knowledge.  (Options to participate:  Team Prodigy Elite, Individual Elite Training Winter season/Monthly, Youth Partner School, or Drop-Ins)

DEVELOPMENTAL TRAINING – This level wrestler has possibly seen success at the local/regional level (MVKWA, CYW) and are looking to advance their training.  This could also be wrestlers who are winning on strength but need more core technique and knowledge.  Usually they have 1-3 years of experience.  Our Goal for these wrestlers is to give them the technique, knowledge, and practice expectations they need to train at our Elite Training.(Options to participate:  Youth Partner Schools, Individual Developmental Training Winter season/Monthly, or Drop-Ins)

PREP Training – Our beginner level is our introduction and continued review of the core techniques and knowledge needed to know in the sport of wrestling.  Usually they have 0-2 years of experience.  Using GAMES and DRILLS, the goal is to keep the wrestlers learning while loving the sport!(Options to participate:  Prep Training Winter Season/Monthly, Drop-Ins)

Coaches will be evaluating wrestlers at each practice this season to keep them placed in the correct program to make sure they are improving at their optimum level.  
2019-20 Prodigy Wrestling Academy

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