Prodigy Wrestling Match Video Analysis

$15 Per Match

(Matches Can Be a Maximum of 7 Minutes)

Example of a Match Analysis Report

Watching Video and being able to recognize strengths and weaknesses is a skill that helps all wrestlers learn to see the improvements they need to make and the strengths they need to capitalize on.  Once these strengths and weaknesses are recognized, wrestlers need to know the correct technique and drills to make the changes or improvements that they need.  This service offers both of these highly important aspects with their Video Analysis and Match Breakdown abilities.

 How It Works

  1.  Register and Pay for the Video Analysis at:
  2.  Email Video to or upload on an acceptable video site (youtubevimeo, etc.)
  3.  During Registration, let us know if you emailed the video or share the URL of the video posted.
  4.  A Prodigy Coach will send you a breakdown of the match and approved videos showing techniques and drills needed to be worked on.
  5. Links allow wrestlers and parents to ask follow up questions and provide feedback on the service provided.


Prodigy Wrestling will analyse ONE match for each order.  Matches can be a maximum of 7 minutes.  Any time after 7 minutes will not be analyzed.

Prodigy Wrestling Video Analysis will analyze video of wrestlers to find mistakes for the wrestler that has registered.  PWA Video Analysis will not “scout” other wrestlers.  Our emphasis is on the improvement of the registered wrestler in the video and what skills and techniques they need in order to be more successful in the sport of wrestling.

Prodigy Wrestling Video Analysis can find mistakes and give links to videos that help with those mistakes.  It is the responsibility of the wrestler and parent to use the videos and suggestions for improvement to work on those mistakes in their home or school practices.