Prodigy Preseason Training

Dates:                            August 27th – October 25th

Days and Times :       Sundays and Wednesday  6:00-7:00 pm

Sessions are followed by FREE live wrestling sessions 7-8 pm! 

Cost:                               Full Preseason Membership $99 + Tax

Technique Session Drop in Fee: $10 (Must have Online Membership Agreement completed for season and Signed Parent Waiver on file)

Ages:                               K-12     

Online Preseason Registration Link  must be completed in order to participate as a full preseason member

Wrestlers must complete the Prodigy Online Membership Agreement beginning August 1st for each season.  Forms stay on file through July 31st of the following year.

Wrestlers must have a parent/guardian signed Waiver and Release of Liability Form on file at prodigy.  Starting August 1st, 2017, Waivers will be kept on file permanently and will NOT need to be renewed each year.

Weekly Technique Focus:

WEEK 1:  August 27 (Handfighting, controlled ties, and drilling) / August 30 (Doubles and Double Defense)

WEEK 2:  September 3 (NO PRACTICE) / September 6 (Snap Series)

WEEK 3:  September 10 (High Crotch and High Crotch Defense) / September 13 (Spiral Ride)

WEEK 4:  September 17 (Low Singles) / September 20 (Half series)

WEEK 5:  September 24 (High Singles) / September 27 (Wristbar series)

WEEK 6:  October 1 (Single Defense) / October 4 (Stand-ups)

WEEK 7:  October 8 (Pancake Series) / October 11 (Tilts)

WEEK 8:  October 15 (Fireman’s Carry) / October 18 (Front Headlocks)

WEEK 9:  October 22 (Hard Drill) / October 25 (Hard Drill)



*Training Sessions will focus on learning technique in a high paced setting.

*Consistent preseason training to prepare for the upcoming wrestling season.

*Train for preseason tournaments such as Super 32 and Preseason Nationals.

*Preseason Training Sessions are followed immediately by Preseason Live Wrestling Sessions!  LIVE wrestling is FREE for all PWA wrestling members!