2019 Prodigy Preseason Training

Dates:  August 25th – October 22nd (17 Sessions; No practice on September 1st due to Labor Day)

Days:  Sunday and Tuesday

Time:  6:00-7:00 pm

Sessions are followed by FREE live wrestling sessions 7-8 pm! 

Grades:  Kindergarten-12th (To ensure a partner of the same size and ability it is best to bring one)    

Cost:  $125 (9 weeks; 17 sessions)

Drop in: $12


2019-20 Preseason Training Online Registration

*Create a Parent/Guardian Account on Blue Sombrero

*Add Players (wrestlers) to the account

*Complete the Mandatory 2019-20 Waiver, Policy, and Contact Information for each wrestler (ONLY 1 TIME PER YEAR!)

*Register and pay for wrestlers online or at the front desk at any time!


Weekly Technique Focus:

WEEK 1:  August 25 (Handfighting, controlled ties, and drilling) / August 27 (Doubles and Double Defense)

WEEK 2:  September 1 (NO PRACTICE) / September 3 (Snap Series)

WEEK 3:  September 8 (High Crotch and High Crotch Defense) / September 10 (Spiral Ride)

WEEK 4:  September 15 (Low Singles) / September 17 (Half series)

WEEK 5:  September 22 (High Singles) / September 24 (Wristbar series)

WEEK 6:  September 29 (Single Defense) / October 1 (Stand-ups)

WEEK 7:  October 6 (Pancake Series) / October 8 (Tilts)

WEEK 8:  October 13 (Fireman’s Carry) / October 15 (Front Headlocks)

WEEK 9:  October 20 (Hard Drill) / October 22 (Hard Drill)



*Training Sessions will focus on learning technique in a high paced setting.

*Consistent preseason training to prepare for the upcoming wrestling season.

*Train for preseason tournaments such as Super 32 and Preseason Nationals.

*Preseason Training Sessions are followed immediately by Preseason LIVE Wrestling Sessions!  LIVE wrestling is FREE! 

*To attend LIVE Wrestling for FREE, wrestlers must fill out the 2019-20 Mandatory Waiver, Policy, and Contact Information forms on our blue sombrero site.