2016-17 Team Prodigy Elite Members

Taylin Allen OAC State Qualifier 
Austin Alvarez 3X OAC State Qualifier
Nicolas Alvarez OAC State Placer
Vinny Anuci 
Nathan Attisano OAC State Qualifier 
Logan Attisano OAC State Qualifier 
Jack Berry 2X OAC State Qualifier
Tucker Campbell 3X OAC State Placer
Jayden Cochran 3X OAC State Placer
Jacob Cravens OAC State Qualifier
Gabriel Godsey OAC State Placer
Max Harry 
Calob Heilman OAC State Placer
Yhtang “Doolers” Irwin 2X OAC State Placer
Myles Johnson OAC State Placer
Korey Marx Tulsa National Champion
Graham Mercurio
Nathan Moser 2X OAC State Qualifier
Corben Moss 
Gage Mullins 2X OAC State Qualifier
Tommy Naser
Brayden Phillips OAC State Qualifier
Jack Ransick OAC State Qualifier
Garret Tilton 
Evan Wilcox
Marshall Wilson OAC State Placer
Justin Winter OAC State Qualifier
Tyler Woods OAC State Placer
Matthew Wright 9, 60
Tyler Brock OAC State Qualifier

Team Prodigy Elite wrestlers commit to 3 nights a week of training. They will be at Prodigy Monday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays training.  Elite Wrestlers will have the option to also train/wrestle on Tuesdays and Sundays. As we did last season, wrestlers who are attending our Prodigy Training program will combine with the elite team for warm-ups and live wrestling/conditioning.  Always great partners at Prodigy during the season!

Team Prodigy Elite

Dates:  October 30th – OAC STATE TOURNAMENT

No practice on October 31 / November 22, 23 / Dec. 24, 25, 26, 30 / Jan. 1

Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday are Mandatory (Tuesday Technique/LIVE and Sunday LIVE are optional)

Times:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm – Practice Sessions

Tuesday Technique Session 6-7:00 pm (Elite only) / 7:00-8:30 pm –  LIVE Wrestling (optional)

Sunday 5:30-7 pm – Live Wrestling Session (Optional)

Cost:    $375 + Tax

Drop In Fee:  $10*

*Drop-In wrestlers will take part in Prodigy’s Developmental Training Program.  Prodigy Coaches may choose to pull wrestlers into the Team Prodigy Elite practice at their discretion.  Decisions will be based on reaching wrestler’s ability levels and coordinating partners.

Wrestlers must complete the Prodigy Online Membership Agreement beginning August 1st for each season.  Forms stay on file through July 31st of the following year.

Wrestlers must have a parent/guardian signed Waiver and Release of Liability Form on file at prodigy.  Starting August 1st, 2017, Waivers will be kept on file permanently and will NOT need to be renewed each year.

Team Prodigy Elite Training Information:

*Grade School and Junior High Wrestlers

*Must commit to 3 nights a week (Mon., Wed., Thurs.) of training at Prodigy

*Optional practices on Tuesday (Elite only Technique/LIVE Wrestling) and on Sunday (LIVE Wrestling)

*High School expectations – run as a team format with expectations

*Solid Technique and Drills are built on throughout the season

*Combines with Prodigy Developmental Training for warm-up and live wrestling each practice

*Wrestlers must apply and be accepted into the Team Prodigy Elite Program