The Team Prodigy Elite program was designed to create a team of wrestlers that train together at least 3 times a week with one another.  Team Prodigy Elite is trained so that the wrestlers can build on their knowledge throughout the season from one week to the next.  Technique is solid, yet advanced.  Live Wrestling is hard and intense.  Drilling is expected to be at a high level at all times.

Team Prodigy Elite wrestlers represent Prodigy at local, state, and national competitions that they attend.  When coaches are at the same event,  Elite members get top priority for them to be in their corners.  Wrestlers will be pushed to reach their next level at every practice.

**NEW** Elite Wrestlers will attend Elite Training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:30 pm.  Unlike previous seasons in which our practices were closed, we invite other top level wrestlers to drop in and attend our Elite Practices.  If interested, please check out our expectations of the advanced wrestlers at Elite Training who choose to drop in.

2019-20 Team Prodigy Elite Application

(Selections will be made throughout the fall up through the start of season)

Team Prodigy Elite Information


No practice on November 27,28 / Dec. 24, 25, 31 / Jan. 1

Days and Times:

TRAINING SESSIONS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm  

LIVE WRESTLING SESSIONS:  Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm / Sunday 5:30-7 pm

LIVE Wrestling Sessions are FREE to all Team Prodigy Elite Wrestlers

Cost:    $395 ($6.50 per training session)

Team Prodigy Elite 

Team Prodigy Elite Wrestlers must:

*Be Full Prodigy Members in the Elite Training Programs.

*Wrestle Under Prodigy at all OAC, OH-Way, and National Level events.

*Follow Elite Training Expectations throughout the season.

*Be Selected through an application and/or try out process

Team Prodigy Elite members will:

*receive first priority for Prodigy Coaches to be in their corners at scheduled competitions.

*30 minutes of youth functional strength and conditioning before each training session (6:30-7 pm)

*FREE LIVE Wrestling on Sundays and Tuesdays throughout the season.

2018-19 Team Prodigy Elite Members

Jack Berry 2X OAC State Placer

Jack Bratton OAC State Runner-Up

Ajay Clark  OAC State Qualifier

Henry Craiglow OAC State Placer

Vinny Freeman OAC State Placer

Calob Heilman OAC State Runner-Up

Logan Irvin OAC State Placer

Yhtang “Doolers” Irwin 3X OAC State Placer

Evan Mercurio OAC State Qualifier

Dylan Miller 2X OAC State Placer

RJ Morgan OAC State Qualifier

Deacon Simmons OAC State Qualifier

Presley Stewart OAC State Placer

Marshall Wilson OAC State Placer

Landon Irwin OAC State Qualifier

Nate Ostendorf OAC State Qualifier

Haydn Scott OAC State Qualifier

Renner Vonsey OAC State Qualifier

Hayden Weiss OAC State Qualifier

Colin Wooldridge OAC State Qualifier

Orion Knight

Vinny Anuci 

Evan Calihan

Declan Hutt

Carter Reed

Elijah Groh

Matty Helms

Zach Yordy