Prodigy Winter LIVE!

Dates:  November 12th – March 20th 

(The last Sunday Live is March 4th.  NO Sunday Live Wrestling on March 11th or 18th!)    

Times:  Sunday 5:00-6:30 pm (All Grades)

Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm (All Grades)

Cost:  Full Season Registration $190

(NEW:  Sales tax is now included in the price in order to work with the new software registration more efficiently)

Drop-In Rate:  $10 

Register for Prodigy Winter LIVE WRESTLING Sessions

(Includes Waiver and Policy Agreements)

Prodigy LIVE Workout Information:

*Supplemental Workouts for wrestlers of ALL AGES and EXPERIENCE

*Geared to the most dedicated wrestlers working towards their goal of being a state caliber wrestler

*Provides a variety of partners

*All practices will include warm-up/stretch, drilling, live situations

*A must for the wrestler who wants to excel at the state tournament at the end of the year!

*Group Rates available.  Contact Prodigy for more information.