2019 Spring Folkstyle Training

With Coach Nick Leforce

Want to continue learning, drilling, and wrestling folkstyle (aka, high school rules or collegiate rules) during the Spring? 

Leforce coaching

Many wrestlers want to continue to make the strides they have made throughout the season, but don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to wrestle freestyle or greco-roman styles of wrestling (Olympic Styles).  Coach Leforce will help your wrestler continue to make strides in the sport of wrestling.  Take your wrestling to the NEXT LEVEL this Spring!

*Coach Leforce will start introducing aspects and rules of freestyle during the spring so wrestlers feel more comfortable with learning a new style in the future.

Dates:  March 26th – May 23rd

Days:  Tuesday and Thursday

Time:  6:30-8 pm

Cost:  $115

Cost of Drop-In:  $12

Age, Grade, and Ability Requirements: 

1st-12th Grade (preferably 7 years and above)

Younger wrestlers must be able to pay attention, not talk during instruction, and stay on task

Prefer wrestlers with 2 years of experience (will accept SERIOUS wrestlers with 1 year of experience)

If unsure whether your wrestler would fit in the program, please email:  prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com to discuss.

IMPORTANT:  All wrestlers should try to sign up with a partner that is about their same size and ability level.  Spring/Summer Wrestling can be very hit or miss when involving who is coming into practice.  Coaches will pair wrestlers up to the best of our ability but bringing a partner to work with is the absolute best way to insure a wrestler will have an appropriately aged, sized, and ability leveled partner.