Prodigy Wrestling Camps: Should My Wrestler Attend Skills and Drills Camp OR Advanced Technique Camp?

Prodigy Wrestling Camps:  Should My Wrestler Attend Skills and Drills Camp OR Advanced Technique Camp?

Parents always wonder which Prodigy Camp would best fit their wrestler.  This is a great question because they want a camp that is not too easy, but it has to be something that they can handle or they won’t be able to learn as much.  The goal is always to improve!

To answer that question, understand that we run our camps so that they build off of one another and work together to build the complete wrestler.  Both weeks are beneficial no matter what level or age a wrestler is.  I usually break it down this way when talking to parents:

Skills and Drills Camp – This camp is MUST KNOW technique for all wrestlers.  It is making sure that wrestlers know how to hit doubles, singles, high crotches, fireman’s carries, sprawls, snaps, front headlocks, stand-ups, breakdowns, and pins correctly.  We spend A LOT of time on this throughout the season with our training.  I can say that wrestlers may know these moves, but they need the repetition and relearning to work towards perfecting this technique.  This camp is GREAT for intermediate/advanced youth and junior high (with at least 1 year experience), and beginning/intermediate high school wrestlers.  The pace will be constant and moves will be broken down into series of drills to put together for an end result.

Advanced Technique and Intensity Camp – This is the follow up camp to the Skills and Drills Camp.  In this camp we will be ADDING ON TO the technique learned the previous week, putting the technique together into chain wrestling, and learning various ways of drilling the technique to effectively master the technique in the future.  We will concentrate on hand fighting, controlled ties, and setting up shots.  There will be lots of drilling throughout with an expectation of intensity throughout.

I hope this answers some questions, for more information on registration and sign-ups please go to:

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