Prodigy Wrestlers Qualify for OAC State at Mason, Freeman District Champion

Prodigy Wrestlers Qualify for OAC State at Mason, Freeman District Champion

Prodigy Wrestling Academy had a great showing with many state qualifiers at the OAC District at Mason on January 21, 2018.  Vinny Freeman came away with Team Prodigy’s only District Championship at Mason.  Many Team Prodigy wrestlers and wrestlers that train at Prodigy frequently qualified for the OAC State Meet by placing in the top 4 of their weight class.  The OAC State meet is March 24 and 25th.  Results are below.


Team Prodigy – Wrestles under the Prodigy name

Vinny Freeman (D3, 85, West Chester) 1st

Henry Craiglow (D3, 55, Franklin) 2nd

Doolers Irwin (D2, 61, Chaminade-Julienne) 2nd

Brayden Phillips (D3, 65, Tecumpseh) 2nd

Calob Heilman (D3, 71, Loveland) 2nd

Matt Kowalksi (D4, 95, Springboro) 2nd

Chase Still (D3, 160, Chaminade-Julienne) 2nd

Tucker Campbell (D3, 80, Monroe) 3rd

Jack Berry (D3, 75, Franklin) 3rd

Evan Mercurio (D2, 61, Loveland) 3rd

Presley Stewart (D3, 85) 3rd

Taylin Irwin (D4, 110, Chaminade-Julienne) 5th

Dylan Miller (D3, 75, Monroe) 5th

Kaiden Neely (D4, 85, Carlisle) 5th

Dylan Smith (D4, 90, National Trail) 6th

Logan Robinson (D4, 110) 6th

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Prodigy Family – Trains regularly at Prodigy but wrestles under another affiliation

Sterling Segal (D4, 85, Moeller) 1st

Logan Montoya (D4, 90, Moeller) 1st

Richard “Bubba” Thornton (D4, 180, Springboro) 1st

Wyatt Walker (D4, 120, Edgewood) 1st

Sam Jones – (D2, 45, West Chester) 1st

Ryan Morgan, Jr (D2, 65, Miamisburg) 3rd

Elijah Dorsey (D3, 65, Miamisburg) 3rd

Anthony Ortega (D2, 85, Lebanon) 3rd

Kolyn Kelley (D2, 70, Springboro) 4th

Renner Vongsy (D2, 55, Miamisburg) 4th

Hayden Weiss (D2, 50, Bellbrook) 4th

Michael Gray – (D2, 45, Centerville) 5th

Evan Hemmeter (D3, 68, Springboro) 5th

If any wrestler was missed, please email with any corrections.

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