Prodigy Troy Christian OAC District Results

Prodigy Troy Christian OAC District Results

Prodigy Wrestling Academy continued to qualify wrestlers for OAC State at the OAC District at Troy Christian on February 3rd, 2018.  Team Prodigy wrestlers and wrestlers that train at Prodigy frequently qualified for the OAC State Meet by placing in the top 4 of their weight class.  The OAC State meet is March 24 and 25th.  Results are below.

Team Prodigy  Wrestles under the Prodigy name

Matthew Wright (D3, 65, Miamisburg) 4th

FB_IMG_1517756072623 FB_IMG_1517756194630

Prodigy Family – Trains regularly at Prodigy but wrestles under another affiliation

Elijah Campbell (D4, 70, Palmer) 1st

Cain Stryker (D2, 85, Mechanicsburg) 1st

Colin Wooldridge (D3, 95, Bellbrook) 2nd

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