6 out of 8 Prodigy LIVE Partner Schools WIN Conference Titles!

6 out of 8 Prodigy LIVE Partner Schools WIN Conference Titles!

Prodigy offers area schools to utilize LIVE wrestling sessions at Prodigy.  Schools pay a set price for the team that allows any of their High School and Junior High Wrestlers to attend any LIVE session on Sunday nights or Tuesday nights throughout the season.  This allows their wrestlers to get new partners, new competition, and new looks not found in their home school room.

Does it help?  Prodigy partnered with 8 Schools this past season.  Below are the results during the Month of Champions.  Congrats to all of the COACHES, WRESTLERS, and PARENTS!  

High School Conference Results – 

Vandalia Butler – GWOC Overall Champions, GWOC North Champions

Springboro – GWOC West Champions (2nd Overall)

Beavercreek – GWOC East Champions (3rd Overall)

Valley View – SWBL Champions

Chaminade-Julienne – GCL Coed League Champions

Western Brown – SBAAC League Champions

Princeton – GMC 3rd Place

Edgewood – SWOC 4th Place

6 out of 8 Prodigy Partner Schools Earn Championships at Conference Championship Meets!  All teams place in the top of of their League.  The extra work and dedication is paying off for these teams! 

Congratulations on this weeks accomplishments and Good luck at Sectionals next week!

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