UPDATE: Prodigy Junior High OAC State Qualifiers; Kleinberg, Acuna, Hendricks, Padilla District Champions

UPDATE:  Prodigy Junior High OAC State Qualifiers; Kleinberg, Acuna, Hendricks, Padilla District Champions

Team Prodigy and wrestlers who use Prodigy as a training resource competed at the OAC Districts on 2/11/18.  Conner Kleinberg and Luke Acuna were District Champions at the Harrison District District.  Ashtan Hendricks garnered District Champion honors at Olentangy while Josh Padilla placed 1st at the Butler District.  Other wrestlers would also qualify for the OAC State Tournament by placing in the top 6 of their weight classes.  Prodigy Results are below:

Team Prodigy  Wrestles under the Prodigy name

Butler District

Josh Padilla (JH, 164, Wayne) 1st

Graham Mercurio (JH, 74, Loveland) 2nd

Bryton Miller (JH, 114, Fairmont) 2nd

Dominic Isaacs (JH, 132, Eaton) 5th/6th

Harrison District

Conner Kleinberg (JH, 96, Springboro) 1st

Luke Acuna (JH, 108, Morrow) 1st

Brayden Doran  (JH, 102, Preble Shawnee) 3rd

Collin Battles (JH, 90, Springboro) 3rd

Lane Abrams (JH, 108, Hamilton) 4th

Tommy Naser (JH, 138, Kettering) 4th

Olentangy District

Ashtan Hendricks (JH, 78, Greenview)

Dustin Simon (JH, 108, Dixie) 3rd


Prodigy Family – Trains regularly at Prodigy but wrestles under another affiliation

Butler District

Travis Kleman (JH, 78, Bluffton) 2nd

Matt Ellis (JH, 96, Waynesville) 2nd

Liam Conway (JH, 108, Carroll) 2nd

Tywan January (JH, 249, Wayne) 2nd

Noah Moreland (JH, 78, Butler) 3rd

Jake Sowders (JH, 90, Graham) 3rd

Logan Montoya (JH, 90, Moeller) 4th

Jordan Ruther (JH, 176, Fairfield) 5th

Spencer Meng (JH, 90, Centerville) 6th

Sam Jaynes (JH, 146, Centerville) 5th/6th

James Owsely (JH, 249, Centerville) 6th

Harrison District

Sterling Segal (JH, 84, Moeller) 1st

Luke Marsh (JH, 126, Lebanon) 1st

Wyatt Walker (JH, 120, Edgewood) 1st

Malachi O’Leary (JH, 102, Clinton Massie) 2nd

Gunnar Pool (JH, 146, Centerville) 2nd

Radical Rothermel (JH, 209, Edgewood) 2nd

Flint Guerra (JH, 120, Lebanon) 2nd

Logan Attisano (JH, 96, Centerville) 3rd

Jonny Ortega (JH, 138, Lebanon) 3rd

Xander Began (JH, 120, Edgewood) 3rd

Hunter Shepherd (JH, 126, Western Brown) 4th

Tanner Beerman (JH, 90, Fairfield) 5th

Simon Taylor (JH, 84, Centerville) 5th

Jaydin Vargas (JH, 84, Princeton) 6th

Hayden Randolph (JH, 138, Beavercreek) 6th

Olentangy District

Branton Dawes (JH, 114, Washington CH) 1st

Jesse Stroud (JH, 96, Mechanicsburg) 4th

If any wrestler was missed, please email prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com with any corrections.

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