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Primary Class Skills

Agilities:  skipping, galloping, bear crawls, forward rolls, and many more

Neutral Wrestling Skills:  stances, sprawls, motion, and many more

Top/Bottom Basic Skills:  hip heist, back and front bridges, base position

Starting Positions:  Neutral (1st period), Top and Bottom Starting positions (2nd/3rd period)

Prodigy Classes are practices with a limited amount of wrestlers that provides a solid wrestler to coach ratio while learning.  Classes have a set curriculum for a wrestlers to become proficient at before moving on to another class.  Wrestlers are evaluated every 2-3 months to track their progress.

Primary Class

Primary Class is unavailable starting on 1/1/17 .  

The class may resume at a later time.

Primary is pre-beginner class that consists of no contact while learning the basic skills and athleticism needed to wrestle. Parents are asked to assist throughout the 45 minute weekly lesson.  This gives both wrestler and parent a chance to learn the basics while bonding with one another in their first wrestling experience.

 Each Primary Tech class is limited to 12 wrestlers each month!

Registration Forms:

Prodigy Class Registration Form

All Wrestlers must have a 2016-17 Prodigy Waiver and Information form on File at Prodigy and must be updated each year beginning August 1st in order to have updated contact and emergency medical information.  Forms stay on file through July 31st of the following year.

2016-17 Prodigy Waiver and Information Forms

Important Practice Information:

*Suggested ages for Primary Tech are 3-5 years old, but slightly older athletes (6-8 years old) just starting the sport of wrestling would benefit greatly from starting in this class to gain the basic skills needed.

*Emphasis will be placed on body awareness (tumbling and agility), basic wrestling skills (stance, motion, penetration step) , and basic strength training/conditioning (push-ups, sit-ups) in a fun atmosphere to introduce the basic skills needed in the sport of wrestling

*Parents are needed to help during practice, though it is not mandatory.  It is a great chance to learn the basics in the sport of wrestling and enjoy time with your wrestler.  Wrestling shoes or socks can be worn on the mats.

*Most of the time there will be no contact during the sessions, yet there may be some drills or positions that will require minimum contact. 

Payment Information

*First month payment is paid at the first class that the wrestler attends.  To secure the wrestlers spot for future classes, payment must be given on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  

*There is no prorating fees.  To start a class in the middle of the month, a walk-in payment of $15 per session for the remainder of the month or payment for the full month (if that is more economical) is required.  Those currently enrolled in class will get the first chance to secure their spot for the next month.

*Program is always $40 no matter the number of practice days in the month, either 4 or 5 days.