2019-20 Prodigy Preseason LIVE Wrestling!



Dates:  August 25th – October 22nd (No LIVE session on September 1st due to Labor Day)

Days:  Sundays and Tuesdays

Time:  7:00-8:00 pm

Follows Preseason Technique Training sessions

Cost:  FREE*

Ages:  All Ages of experienced wrestlers (younger wrestlers – make sure to bring a partner)

2019-20 Preseason LIVE Online Registration

*Create a Parent/Guardian Account on or Log in to Blue Sombrero 

*Add Players (wrestlers) to your account

*Complete the Mandatory 2019-20 Waiver, Policy, and Contact Information for each wrestler (ONLY 1 TIME PER YEAR!)

*Once Mandatory Waiver, Policy, and Contact Info is filled out for each wrestler, they can attend for FREE!

 *Live sessions will be made up of one hour of intense competition.

*Wrestlers can be on the mats to warm up 15 minutes before in order to have the full hour for live wrestling.

*Outwork your competition during the fall.

*Be in “wrestling shape” on the first day of school practice

*Train for preseason tournaments like Super 32 and Preseason Nationals

*Preseason Live Session follows Prodigy Preseason Training which consists of technique, drilling, and situational wrestling.