8 Core Focuses for Beginner Wrestlers

(1) Agility and Athleticism

(2) Basic Wrestling position and skills

(3) Double Leg Takedown

(4) Single Leg Takedown

(5) Sprawl Defense

(6) Top Breakdowns

(7) Half

(8) Stand-up

PREP Beginner Training

PREP training focuses on 8 core techniques in wrestling needed to be a successful beginner wrestler. PREP is also designed to introduce and practice body awareness through agility and technique drills. Sessions are developed with introducing solid wrestling technique through fun drills, skills, and games!

8 Core Techniques:  (1) Stance/Motion/Set-ups (2) Double Leg Takedown (3) Sprawl Defense(4) Single Leg Takedown (5)Stand-up (6) Breakdowns, (7) half (8) Athleticism (Agilities) 

PREP Session Dates

Fall Session:  September 10th – October 29th 

Winter Session #1:  November 5th – December 19th 

Winter Session #2:  January 7th – February 27th 

Spring Session:  NO Spring Session

Days and Times

Fall Session:  Monday 5:30-6:30 pm

Winter Session #1: Monday 5:30-6:30 pm, Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm

Winter Session #2:  Monday 5:30-6:30 pm, Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm

Spring Session:  NO Spring Session

Cost of PREP Sessions

(Sales Tax is now included in the price in order to work with the new registration software more efficiently)

1 Day Per Week ($83)  – Available in Fall, Winter Session #1, Winter Session #2)

2 Days per Week ($135)  – Only available during Winter Sessions 1 & 2

$12 Drop-In Fee

Important Practice Information:

*Classes are 55 minutes long.

*Prep Training is not based on ages but on ability level.  Coaches will evaluate students in classes and suggest where the wrestler should be placed upon observing him for the first time.  

*Emphasis will be placed on body awareness (tumbling and agility), basic wrestling skills (stance, motion, penetration step),  beginner wrestling technique (doubles, sprawls, stand-ups, and turns) and basic strength training/conditioning (push-ups, sit-ups) in a fun atmosphere to introduce the basic techniques needed in the sport of wrestling

*Wrestlers will learn how to work with a partner correctly in order to learn moves and drill them repetitively.   

*Live Wrestling situations and games will be used to introduce beginner wrestlers to the sport of wrestling.