Prodigy Personals and Small Group Philosophy

Personal coaching should be technique based and based around repetitive drilling. I believe in teaching moves within a series where each move is designed to work off the move learned before it. Once a set or series is learned, then it must be revisited frequently and drilled correctly. The optimum number of wrestlers in a small group ranges from 4-6 in order to not lose the individualized attention needed. I believe in good, solid basic wrestling. Private/Group lessons are an additional opportunity for a student and a Prodigy Instructor to work outside of class on strategy, conditioning, technique or other areas that need improvement. The sessions can involve hands-on workouts, drilling, conditioning, strategy sessions, or a combination of those, with a member of the Prodigy coaching staff.

Personal and Small Group Rates

Our staff gives discounts to students who complete their private lessons with partners. We cannot guarantee a partner for everyone, but we will cooperate as much as possible with you in using our resources to find an appropriate partner. One-on-one private lessons are available, but the partner must be size and skill appropriate.

Rates – (based on a 1 hour session)

Group of 2: $40 per student

Group of 4: $30 per student

Group of 6: $20 per student

One-on-One: $60


Setting Up and Payment for Personals Sessions with Prodigy Coaches

Scheduling private lessons are done by emailing and write PERSONAL WRESTLING TRAINING in the subject line (Use contact form below) OR talk personally with a Prodigy Instructor to inquire their availability. Provide us with all necessary information including: the name of the instructor you wish to work with; the particular areas you would like to focus on in your lesson; the number of wrestlers you would like to have in your group and the name(s) of those participating in the lesson (if you already have partners lined up). Payment is due in full, to the coach, at the beginning of each personal training session. Cash only please. Private lessons must be scheduled around each coach’s schedule. Some days or times may not be available for specific coaches, so please plan ahead. To cancel a previously scheduled personal lesson, please email or your personal instructor. It is advantageous to create and keep a group of wrestlers together with a specific coach for a long period of time to get the best possible training/learning conditions.

Small Group Or Individualized Training Contact Form

Contact for Small Group or Personal Wrestling Training