Mat Space Rental @ Powerstation Gym/Prodigy

Rent space for cheerleading, competition cheer, basic tumbling, group workouts, Extra Drilling for wrestling, martial arts training, boxing, and more!

Need space to work towards your goals? 

3200 Square Feet of Mat Space

Cost:  ONLY $25 per hour

Mat Space Rental Availability

Available times for mat rental are on the calendar.  Start and end times must be within the windows shown.   Times should be on the hour (x:00) or half hour (x:30).  Calendar is easiest to read in the WEEK mode.

Ready to Reserve Mat Space for Your Group?

Mat Rental Requirements:

  1. Coach/Supervisor/Adult in Charge must complete an Online Mat Space Rental Agreement for each group that will be using the space.
  2. All participants, including coaches, must complete an Online Mat Rental Liability Waiver before participating.
  3. Coach/Supervisor/Adult in Charge must sign up online or call 513-425-8100 to reserve mat space.  An online availability calendar will keep everyone informed of available rental times.