Prodigy Fall Training Opportunities

PREP training focuses on 8 core techniques in wrestling needed to be a successful beginner wrestler.  PREP is also designed to introduce and practice body awareness through agility and technique drills.  Sessions are developed with introducing solid wrestling technique through fun drills, skills, and games!

8 Core Techniques:  (1) Stance/Motion/Set-ups (2) Double/High Crotch Shot (3) Sprawl (4) Single shot (5)Stand-up (6) Breakdowns, (7) half (8) Athleticism  

Work on the Details.  Prodigy Preseason Training focuses on drilling and technique to get to the next level.  Each one hour session will focus on fundamentals of wrestling that will work at any level.  Sessions will be geared to wrestlers training for Preseason National Tournaments and/or getting ready for the winter wrestling season.  Now is the time to get ahead of your competition!

Don’t miss this opportunity for FREE Competition Nights at Prodigy!  One hour of intense LIVE wrestling with experienced wrestlers throughout the Miami Valley and Southwest Ohio.  Whether wrestlers are training for National Level Preseason Tournaments or preparing for the upcoming wrestling season, Preseason Prodigy LIVE is the best way to get there!