Prodigy Elite Training

For the Advanced Gradeschool and Junior High Wrestler

The highest level of Training at Prodigy Wrestling Academy is Prodigy Elite Training.  Training is High Intensity Training with practices focusing on high level drilling, advanced technique, and intense live wrestling.  This program is not for the novice or intermediate wrestler.  Wrestlers are expected to have sound technical experience, practice maturity, and an understanding of the sport of wrestling at a high level.


No practice on November 27,28 / Dec. 24, 25, 31 / Jan. 1

Days and Times:

TRAINING SESSIONS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm  

LIVE WRESTLING SESSIONS:  Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm / Sunday 5:30-7 pm

LIVE Wrestling Sessions are FREE to all full time members of Prodigy Training Systems

Full Season:  $395 ($6.50 per training session)

Monthly Tuition:  $125 ($10 per training session)

Drop In Fee:  $15

Program Expectations:  

The following criteria are “guidelines” as to who would benefit from Prodigy Elite Training.  


*Current D3-D4 Wrestlers that were 2019 OAC State Qualifiers

*Current D3-D4 wrestlers that were 2019 OH-Way State Placers

*Current Junior High Wrestlers with at least 1 years of experience

*Coaches Discretion 

Drop-ins are allowed this year for Elite and Developmental.     

Coaches will communicate with parents if a change between programs is needed.

If wrestlers, full time or drop-ins, are unable to follow the elite training expectations due to maturity issues (talking, playing, jumping on walls/equipment, etc.), work ethic, intensity level, technical level (knowing and executing elite technique), or live wrestling (unable to find comparable partners), then wrestlers will be placed into Prodigy programs to help them find the most success. 

2019-20 Elite Training Online Registration

*Create a Parent/Guardian Account on Blue Sombrero

*Add Players (wrestlers) to the account

*Complete the Mandatory 2019-20 Waiver, Policy, and Contact Information for each wrestler (ONLY 1 TIME PER YEAR!)

*Register and pay for wrestlers online or at the front desk at any time!