Prodigy Training

Supplemental and Developmental Training Opportunities to Develop Wrestlers Wanting to Take their Training to the Next Level!

Dates:  November 5th – OAC STATE TOURNAMENT

No practice on November 21, 22 / Dec. 24, 25, 30 / Jan. 1

Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday are Mandatory (Tuesday Technique/LIVE and Sunday LIVE are optional)

Times:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm – Practice Sessions

Tuesday Technique Session 6-7:00 pm (Elite only) / 7:00-8:30 pm –  LIVE Wrestling (optional)

Sunday 5:30-7 pm – Live Wrestling Session (Optional)

Cost:    Full Season Payment Option $375 + Tax;   Monthly Payment Option $125 + Tax Per Month

Drop In Fee:  $15*

*Drop-In wrestlers will take part in Prodigy’s Developmental Training Program.  Prodigy Coaches may choose to pull wrestlers into the Team Prodigy Elite practice at their discretion.  Decisions will be based on reaching wrestler’s ability levels and coordinating partners.

Wrestlers must complete the Online Prodigy Membership Membership Agreement beginning August 1st for each season.  Forms stay on file through July 31st of the following year. (PDF)

 All Wrestlers must have Online Powerstation Gym and Prodigy Liability Waiver on file at Powerstation.  Waivers will be kept on file permanently. (PDF)

Weekly Training/LIVE Wrestling Schedule:

Sunday 5:30–7:00 Live Wrestling-All Ages
Monday 6:30-8:30 Training Session K-8th
Tuesday 7:00-8:30 Live Wrestling All Ages
Wednesday 6:30-8:30 Training Session K-8th
Thursday 6:30-8:30 Training Session K-8th

Monthly Training Payment Option:  $125 + Tax 

November 4th-29th 

December 2nd-31st

January 1st-31st 

OAC STATE TRAINING SPECIAL – January 20-March 21st (2 months for only $125!)*

*The OAC Training Special is an attempt to give JH wrestlers an opportunity to train immediately following their JH League Meets through the OAC Regional and the OAC State Tournament at an affordable price.  This also give Gradeschool wrestlers an opportunity to train with top notch wrestlers to prepare for the OAC State Meet once they qualify for the OAC State Meet.  COME TOGETHER TO GET BETTER!  #theprodigyway  

Monthly payments start on the first practice of the month.  It can be payed any time of the month BUT Monthly Payment Options are NOT Prorated.

Prodigy Developmental Training Info:

*Affordable prices to train at Prodigy from 1 day a week through 5 days a week around your regular school or club workouts throughout the season!

*UP TO 5 nights a week at Prodigy – Sunday Through Thursday

*Wrestlers can come and go throughout the week to fit their training needs

*Advanced Technique and Drilling shown each practice in Standalone fashion

*Combines with Precision Elite for warm-up and live wrestling each practice