Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prodigy Wrestling Academy right for my son?

Prodigy Wrestling Club is an option for any wrestler that wants to improve.  Our program is designed to reach all wrestlers at their developmental level .  All ages and levels of wrestlers are welcome to join.  We run several programs from beginners to intermediate, to advanced.  We run a demanding program for our most advanced level wrestlers, but also teach at a level to our beginners and intermediate wrestlers in which they can improve consistently.  The goal is development of each and every wrestler who walks through the doors at Prodigy.

How much does it cost?

There is a cost for the services that we offer at Prodigy.  Our costs are competitive with most wrestling clubs in Ohio.  We offer several payment options to help fit the needs of our customers.  Our costs are listed on each individual program page.  

The cost at Prodigy  depends on what program is being utilized, how often and long the program meets, and the duration of the session.  We try to keep the cost as low as possible so that Prodigy is accessible to all who want to use it.  There is always a $10 drop in fee option.  In comparison, full membership prices to Prodigy programs usually range between about $4-$8 per practice.  Prodigy gear is not included in the training prices.

How hard are practices?

Practices at Prodigy are designed to keep wrestlers moving through basic skills, learning technique, drilling, live wrestling and conditioning.  Different levels of practices are run at different intensity levels to allow wrestlers to continue to improve consistently at an adequate pace.  Team Prodigy Elite practices are much more demanding and require regular attendance in order to keep up. All practices are designed to help each wrestler reach their full potential.

Can I just come a couple times a week?

Yes, you can.  Our Prodigy Training System and PREP beginner training are designed to be either full training or supplemental training for wrestlers throughout the season.  We do require attendance for our Team Prodigy Elite program in order to give consistent training to the wrestlers.  We do this by providing a consistent practice with a technical agenda for the season.  For those that want to hop around to multiple clubs, we can appreciate your mindset, but our staff cannot be expected to reteach our curriculum for individuals that miss practice.  Prodigy prides itself on creating opportunities for every family and wrestler to take advantage of training to enhance their training on their schedule.  

What is the skill level required to join Prodigy Training Programs?

As mentioned previously, any and all are welcome to join the various Prodigy training programs.  It is important to find the level of learning, technique, drilling, and live wrestling that will benefit the wrestler the most and help them make the most improvement.  

Guidelines (and these are just guidelines) for each training program:

Team Prodigy Elite:  Practices are demanding; The technical agenda is advanced;  Commitment and technique level is high; Most wrestlers between 3rd-8th grade with at least two years of experience and some OAC/OH-WAY state/district experience

Prodigy Training:  Practices are intense; focus on solid wrestling technique and drilling;  Meant for supplemental and developmental training of individuals;  Most wrestlers are between K-8th grade with at least 1 year of experience.

PREP Training:  Practices use consistent movement and teaching of basic wrestling technique and movement; meant for supplemental or developmental training; most wrestlers are Pre-K through 3rd grade (although 10-12 year old beginners have participated as a starting point in wrestling)

The skillset for each program is not as important as the attitude and commitment to the process.  

Do I have to follow the competition schedule?

You do not have to follow the competition schedule.  You can opt to compete at different tournaments than those on our schedule.  It is completely at your discretion.  The schedule is designed to let Prodigy members know where members of our coaching staff will be each weekend.  Our schedule is designed to prepare our team to peak when we need to throughout the season.

Do you have wrestle-offs?

Yes and no.  While we believe competition is always good, especially in the practice room, we don’t want to see anyone left behind.  For this reason our schedule focuses on an open tournament mindset, meaning we are able to enter as many wrestlers as we want in each weight class.  They may wrestle each other at some point, but that’s better than leaving someone at home.  On occasion we will put together teams for dual tournaments.  For dual meet tournaments the coaching staff will decide how the team will be chosen, either through wrestle offs or based on skillset, work ethic, and attendance.  

What happens if my son wrestles the same weight as another Prodigy member?

For the most part, we aren’t concerned with weight classes.  Our goal is development. We travel to open tournaments where we can enter as many wrestlers in each weight class as we would like.  At tournaments where two Prodigy wrestlers have to wrestle, Prodigy coaches will either not coach either one for that match or a Prodigy coach will be in each chair for that match.

Can I wrestle for another team?

Absolutely!  We want wrestlers getting every opportunity to get great competition, whatever team they wrestle for on the weekends!

Who will coach my son?

Prodigy offers one of the best coaching staffs in the state of Ohio.  Prodigy coaches, all past varsity wrestling head coaches, are teachers of the sport of wrestling.  With over 45 years of combined coaching experience, the coaches’ main concern is the well being of your wrestler, as well as their development as a wrestler.  While coaching at tournaments, coaches will offer their services to the wrestler and parent, but understand if the parent would prefer to coach their own wrestler.    

How old do you have to be to practice at Prodigy Wrestling Academy?

Prodigy has training and teaching programs designed to benefit every wrestler, regardless of age or ability level, to learn and improve consistently.   Our practices are aimed at improving wrestlers!  We want wrestlers to enjoy the sport of wrestling and to learn the lessons that the sport offers.

Can parents attend practice?

Parents are encouraged to enjoy the process of making your wrestler a champion on and off the mat.  We ask that parents watch but do not interact with the wrestlers during practice.  If you are a parent that struggles to watch your wrestler lose or struggle in practice, then we would prefer you keep your distance.  We understand your passion for your son or daughter, but it may ultimately be a distraction to their continued improvement in wrestling.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to parents and the safety of our wrestlers while they are in our wrestling room.  Parents will be asked to leave if any problems arise between parent and wrestler that could possibly harm the wrestler physically or emotionally.  

Can I coach on the staff?

We do allow and encourage parents to help coach.  In order for a parent to help coach in practice they must have approval from the Prodigy Coaching Staff, a USA Wrestling Card, and show documentation they have passed the USA Wrestling background check.  Coaches are meant to assist the Prodigy Staff Coaches to implement technique, provide a safe environment, and reinforce teachings and expectations with ALL wrestlers within the program.  If interested in helping during any program, please contact Prodigy Wrestling academy at

How does Prodigy handle skin issues?

Your wrestler’s safety is our number one concern.  Communicable skin diseases is an issue we take very seriously.  At Prodigy, we make sure to mop the mats everyday, educate wrestlers and parents on how to decrease the chances of skin issues and how to treat them, and we do not allow wrestlers to participate with exposed issues.  This is an issue in which we need parents to help us by making good decisions to not allow their wrestlers to take part in practice if they have any skin issues.  Together we can keep any skin issues to a minimum and make Prodigy wrestling a safe place for all wrestlers. 

For more information on Prodigy’s policy concerning communicable disease prevention click here.

How will I know if practice is canceled?

Prodigy will rarely cancel practices, but that situation will arise at times, usually due to inclement weather.  Prodigy uses many different social media avenues to make sure that parents and wrestlers are informed of any changes in schedule.  When there is an emergency change, such as cancellations, we will notify everyone through email, facebook, twitter, our web page, and the Yappi message board.  If you are uncertain, please email or call Prodigy directly.

Are refunds available?

Unfortunately the answer is no.  We do not issue refunds for any of our programs for any reason, including injury or skin issues.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.