2019 Prodigy OAC Junior High State Placers; Kleinberg Champion

Congratulations to all of the Southwest Ohio Wrestlers who placed at the OAC Junior High State Tournament this weekend.  Your hard work and dedication has paid off.  Continue to push yourselves in the coming years to keep reaching your goals.  Thank you for using Prodigy Wrestling Academy as a resource to reach your goals!  Congratulations to Conner Kleinberg on his 2019 OAC Junior High State Championship!  Parents and coaches of all of these young men should be so proud and hats off to you for your time and support to help these young men continue to strive and reach their goals!

Team Prodigy

Conner Kleinberg (108, Springboro) STATE CHAMPION

Myles Johnson (164, Springboro) 7th Place


Prodigy Family – Wrestlers that train at Prodigy periodically but wrestle under another school/club name

Dillon Campbell (90, Springboro) STATE CHAMPION

Boede Campbell (114, Springboro) STATE CHAMPION

Eli Spencer (90, Lasalle) 3rd Place

Flint Guerra (138, Lebanon) 3rd Place

Wyatt Walker (146, Edgewood) 3rd Place

Gunnar Pool (164, Centerville) 4th Place

Tommy Naser (145, Alter) Freshmen 4th Place

If any wrestler was missed or incorrect, please email prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com with any corrections.

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