2019 Prodigy Junior High OAC State Qualifiers

2019 Prodigy Junior High OAC State Qualifiers

Prodigy is proud of all of the Junior High Team Prodigy Wrestlers and the many other junior high wrestlers who have used Prodigy to train throughout the 2018-19 season in order to reach their goals this season. Prodigy aims to be a part of helping many wrestlers qualify for the 2019 OAC State Tournament for  junior high.  We want to congratulate them and wish them luck in reaching their goal of winning and placing at state!   List will be updated…More to come!

Harrison OAC District Team Champions!!!

Team Prodigy

Collin Battles (102, Springboro) 1st @ Harrison

Conner Kleinberg (108, Springboro) 1st @ Harrison

Brayden Doran (120, Preble Shawnee) 1st @ Harrison

Bryce McKnight (209, Carlisle) 1st @ Harrison

Joey Franz (74, Springboro) 3rd @ Harrison

Graham Mercurio (84, Loveland) 4th @ Harrison

Alan Guernsey (120, Fairmont) 4th @ Harrison

Myles Johnson (164, Springboro) 4th @ Harrison

Bryton Miller (126, Fairmont) 6th @ Harrison

Zach Yordy (120, Badin) 6th @ Harrison


Prodigy Family – Wrestlers that train at Prodigy periodically but wrestle under another school/club name

Eli Spencer (90, Lasalle) 1st @ Harrison

Flint Guerra (138, Lebanon) 1st @ Harrison

Aydan George (146, Centerville) 1st @ Harrison

Gunnar Pool (164, Centerville) 1st @ Harrison

Nathan Stevens (78, Centerville) 3rd @ Harrison

Ty Harter (90, Loveland) 3rd @ Harrison

Wyatt Walker (138, Edgewood) 3rd @ Harrison

Ryan Wissmar (90, Springboro) 6th @ Harrison

Cameron Mink (96, Xenia) 6th @ Harrison

Josh Cline (102, Centerville) 4th @ Harrison


If any wrestler was missed or incorrect, please email prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com with any corrections.


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