2017 Prodigy OAC State Qualifiers

2017 Prodigy OAC State Qualifiers

Congratulations to Prodigy Wrestlers who have qualified for the 2017 OAC State Wrestling Tournament.  The list will be updated after each district tournament.  Good job, Fellas!  

All wrestlers should be entered now that have used Prodigy for training or live wrestling sessions.

 Wrestler (Division, pounds, school) Place

Thomas Worthington Qualifiers – 1/7/17

Henry Craiglow (D2, 45, Franklin) 1st

Jack Bratton (D2, 50, Springboro) 1st

Doolers Irwin (D2, 55, CJ) 1st

Marshall Wilson (D2, 58, CJ) 3rd

Ronald Johnson (D2, 61, CJ) 1st

Taylin Irwin (D3, 95, CJ) 2nd

Oregon Clay Qualifiers – 1/15/17

Justin Winter (D3, 60, Loveland) 4th

Mason Qualifier – 1/22/17

Hunter Lance (D1, 45, Clinton Massie) 3rd

Jack Brock (D2, 50, Mason) 1st

Jack Ransick (D2, 61, Lakota East) 2nd

Presley Stewart (D2, 75, Prodigy) 1st

Jack Berry (D3, 68, Franklin) 2nd

Tucker Campbell (D3, 80, Monroe) 2nd

Chase Still (D3, 130, CJ) 4th

Graham Mercurio (D4, 65, Loveland) 4th

Eli Spencer (D4, 75, Moeller) 1st

Conner Kleinberg (D4, 80, Springboro) 1st

Brayden Doran (D4, 100, Preble Shawnee) 2nd

Jayden Brogden (D4, 110, Elder) 2nd

Ayden George (D4, 110, Centerville) 3rd

Josh Padilla (D4, 180, Wayne) 2nd

Richard Thornton (D4, 180, Springboro) 3rd

Troy Christian Qualifier

Korey Marx (D2, 75, Fairfield) 1st

Jayden Cochran (D3, 55, Miamisburg) 1st

Calob Heilman (D3, 60, Loveland) 3rd

Brayden Phillips (D3, 60, Tecumpseh) 4th

Matt Kowalski (D3, 85, Springboro) 1st

Isiah Pettus (D3, 130, CJ) 4th

Evan Boulton (D4, 65, Springboro) 4th

Collin Battles (D4, 70, Springboro) 2nd

Gage Mullins (D4, 95, Franklin) 3rd

Wyatt Walker (D4, 110, Edgewood) 1st

Gunnar Pool (D4, 120, Centerville) 1st

Zac Tinch (D1, 60, Springboro) 4th

Moeller Junior High Qualifier

Matt Ellis (JH, 84, Wilmington) 1st

Logan Attisano (JH, 84, Dayton Christian) 3rd

Jacob Lange (JH, 84, Edgewood) 6th

Cole Skinner (JH, 90) 1st

Boede Campbell (JH, 90, Springboro) 3rd

Dustin Norris (JH, 96, Monroe) 1st

Caleb Thomas (JH, 96, Monroe) 4th

Cameron Haney (JH, 96, Arcanum) 6th

Xander Began (JH, 102, Edgewood) 5th

Gavin Brown (JH, 108, Carlisle) 1st

Garrett Tilton (JH, 108, Middletown Madison) 5th

Brandon Sperry (JH, 120, Fairfield) 2nd

Logan Current (JH, 126, Wilmington) 3rd

Tommy Naser (JH, 126, Alter) 4th

David Fredericks (JH, 146, CJ) 1st

Vandalia Butler Junior High Qualifier

Eli Spencer (JH, 74, Moeller) 1st

Dillon Campbell (JH, 74, Springboro) 2nd

Aedan Asher (JH, 84, Northmont) 3rd

Matt Motter (JH, 96, Butler) 3rd

Damian Ryan (JH, 102, Centerville) 1st

James Lee Brown (JH, 102, Legacy Christian) 5th

Tyler Woods (JH, 108, Franklin) 1st

Nolan Neves (JH, 114, Stebbins) 3rd

Deuce brown (JH, 120, Legacy Christian) 2nd

Austin Mullins (JH, 132, Wayne) 1st

Marvelous Rutledge (JH, 154, Miamisburg) 1st

Please email prodigy.wrestling.academy@gmail.com if your wrestler should be on this list.  

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